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Fresh White Mushroom



Product Details

Fresh White Mushroom


Product Name : Button Mushroom Price, Canned Button Mushroom
Similar Product: Canned Champignon,Frozen Champignon, Champignon in Brine,Nameko in Brine
Style: Fresh
Freezing Process: Fresh
Color: Brown, white
Source: Cultivated
Shape: Whole,Cut,Sliced
Size: Cap:1-2cm/2-2.5cm/2.5-3.5cm
Quality: High Quality,Healthy,Non-pollution, Delicious
Shelflife: 2 Years
Style: Whole
Storage Store in cool & dry place, avoid direct sunlight
Main Origin: Germany

Packaging Details:
Packaging Details: In Tin or Jar, Outer packing:Carton and per customer request
400G*24tin 1800cartons/20GP
425G*24tin 1700cartons/20GP
850G*12tin 1700cartons/20GP
2840G*6tin 1050 cartons/20GP
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