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Pure Olive Oil



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we provide good quality oils with compeittive price in 1L,3L,5L and in flexy-tank.
Custom design print labels and boxes for the bottles are available

Extra Virgin Olive oil

Naturally obtained from the first pressing of the olive by mechanical means, Extra Virgin olive oil is the highest quality classification of olive oil, characterised by its outstanding, fruity taste and low acidity.

Extra Virgin Olive oil, with its intense and distinctive flavour, is an ideal accompaniment to cooked food, salad dressings and mayonaise, and also for drizzling onto salad leaves and pasta.

Pure Olive oil is exclusively obtained from the fruit of the olive tree and never mixed with any other oils, except for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Entirely free of solvents, it is often simply labelled as Olive oil; with a lighter taste than Extra Virgin oil, it retains the same health benefits.

The delicate taste makes Pure Olive oil perfect for everyday use in salad dressings, marinades and mayonnaise, and will provide the delicious finishing touch to most dishes.

Free acidity (oleic acid %) M 1,0 %
Peroxide value (meg 02/kg) M 15
K232 (in UV) M 3,30
K270 (in UV) M 0,9
Delta K (in UV) M 0,15
Myristic acid M 0,05
Arachidic acid M 0,6
Linolenic acid M 1
Eicosenoic acid M 0,4
Behenic acid M 0,2
Lignoceric acid M 0,2

C 18:1 T M 0,20
C 18:2+ C 18:3 T M 0,30
Cholesterol M 0,5
Brassicasterol M 0,1
Campesterol M 4,0
Stigmasterol < Camp
Delta-7 Stigmasterol M 0,5
Total Beta-Sitosterol m 93,0
Erythrodial + Uvaol M 4,5
Total sterol content (mg/kg Oil) m 1000
Waxes (mg/kg Oil)

Pomace Olive oil

By extracting the residual oil from olive press-cake, Pomace Olive oil is carefully refined and then combined with Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Cholesterol free, and richly containing Vitamins E, and A, Pomace olive oil, with its smooth colour, taste and aroma, can replace traditional oils in all your dishes in a healthy and delicious way.


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