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Refined CottonSeed Oil



Product Details

We offer refined/crude oils packed in bulk and in PET bottles.
we provide good quality oils with compeittive price in 1L,3L,5L and in flexy-tank.
Custom design print labels and boxes for the bottles are available


Transparency:clarifying and transparent
Odor: bland and sweet-smelling
Color: Yellow 35 Red 5.0
Acid Value: =< 0.30
Moisture & Volatile matter: 0.05
Infusible Impurities: 0.05
Residual solvent content in oil: nothing( Free )
Total fatty acid: 99.06g/100g
Saturated fatty acid: 21.58g/100g
Single unsaturated fatty acid: 11.81g/100g
Polyunsaturated fatty acid: 61.31g/100g
Cholesterol: Nothing( Free )
Vitamin A: 0.023mg/100g
Vitamin E: 107mg/100g

Packaging: 1,2,3,5 Liter Bottles, Jerry Cans of 10-25 Liter plastic and Tin Containers, we also packing in Flexi Tanks and Liter Drums.
Labeling: We design buyer’s own label on the PET Bottles


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